What I Learned From Writing My First Autobiography
                               by Blondie L. Clayton

Why do you want to publish a book about your life? What about your life can someone else learn something from? Is there a market for autobiographies of unknown people, first time writers?

The market is what you make it. It depends upon your subject and your passion about your subject, in sharing it with others.

My first autobiography was about a tough subject, sexual abuse. I discovered after I had written it that it was not a subject people were readily willing to talk about, even those who had been sexually abused. I discovered something about my experiences that I felt could benefit others, so I persisted.

My discovery was the spiritual side to being a human being. This is the side that is too often ignored or neglected because we don’t understand it, or our knowledge is so little.

I felt if I could walk others through my spiritual awakening that they too might be encouraged and find hope and a reason to never give up.

I didn’t know what I have come to know, that unknowns who write autobiographies may not find an audience, or enough of an audience to make it profitable.

What made my investment bring back a return? I chose to publish my own book to carry my message out to my target audience. I talked to anyone who would listen, any group that needed a speaker to share a message of encouragement, hope and joy after tragic happenings in life.

Writing my first autobiography was the catalyst of learning how to publish a book. I thought that I was just going to write the story, locate a book publisher and they would handle everything, including the book marketing.

I know now that was wrong thinking. I was expecting someone else to sell my book, and all I had to do was sit back and collect the book sales. That was a disappointment. The glamour of what I had perceived had gone out of my desire to publish a book.

Deciding to self-publish has really prepared me for a future as a writer, something I never dreamed of ever doing. Self publishing has molded me into a better writer and a teacher of what I have learned along the way.

My greatest lesson has been taking my eyes off of my abilities, what I can do, as I have watched a spiritual presence in my life, at work  transforming written words, guiding my way as a scribe of purpose and utilizing the knowledge learned to lead other scribes along the way.

It is exciting. To think that when I struggled to comprehend as a child, reading on a seventh grade level, going into the ninth grade, destined to be discouraged, and maybe even to drop out, that even then this spiritual presence was at work for such a time as this.

In order to be taught something, you have to be willing to be stretched, to step outside of your comfort zone, what you have been educated to, what you have experienced, or else you are already defeated.

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